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Last Updated 2020-06-16
QWERTYCOIN [Ticker: QWC] is a digital cryptocurrency designed for everyday use. It supports simple CPU/GPU mining and masternode operations, Desktop / Mobile / Web wallets are provided for user’s accessibility to QWERTYCOIN across multiple platforms.
  • Anonymous, Unlinkable and Untraceable Transactions - Based on CryptoNote V2.0 Technology over a decentralized network.
  • Egalitarian Proof of Work (EPoW) – Manipulation proof PoW consensus with CIMA + CLIFF difficulty algorithm. First in the world.
  • Egalitarian Proof of Stake (EPoS) – Hybrid PoS and dPoS consensus.
  • Egalitarian Proof of Service (EPoSe) – Ultimate consensus combining EPoW and EPoS.
  • Reserve Requirement System - Development fees and donations collected over time will be stored in QWERTYCOIN Foundation.
  • No Pre-mining - Community owned system and transparent developments and operations.
  • Free Master Nodes - No mandatory minimum coin commitment to run Master Nodes.
  • Free Community Faucet – Free QWC every 24 hours from community donations.
  • Transparent Operations and Management – All accounts run by community funds can be monitored using tracking keys.
  • Total Number of Coins: 184.47 Billion
  • Current Target Block Time: 120 seconds -> 20 seconds
  • Time for Transaction Hashes: Instant (<4 seconds)
  • Core Design: CryptoNote V2.0 – Forked from Bytecoin, Monero + Karbowanek + Digitalnote and Qwertycoin V1.0
  • Development of User-Friendly Wallet Software for Desktop/Mobile Computers, Web and Mobile Phones
  • Q-Life app with chat + wallet + crypto exchange + store locator
  • Robust Network (< 50 PPM Blockchain Split) with Blockchain/Network Monitoring Tool for all users
  • Network Explorer feature that allows monitoring of blockchain
  • User Population over 1 million
  • E-Commerce/Woo-Commerce Integration + Local Stores as Fiat Exchange
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