Blockchain Development Roadmap
Last Updated 2020-06-16
Stage 1: Currency Application Development (2017 – By the end of 2019) - All Complete
    Daemon Development and Optimization
    CLI Wallet / Desktop Wallet Development and Optimization
    Web Wallet / Mobile Wallet Development and Optimization
    E-Commerce Plug-In Integration Development
    Codebase Language Format Updated to Clang (C++ Linting)
    Known bugs for Qwertycoin software and CryptoNote codebase are being patched and fixed.
    Redundant and unused codes were removed.
    C++ Cross-Compilation Dependency Manger [Hunter/Polly]
    Codecov Implementation for Code Coverage
    Travis CI and Appveyor CI - Later replaced by Github Action.
    Automatic Github Release Deploy Feature.
    Release of Zero GUI wallet
    Release of Web Wallet and Mobile Wallet
    Multi-language support for wallets
Stage 2: Currency + Application Development (2020 – By the end of 2022) - Current Phase
    Consensus Update (EPoW Implementation)
      CIMA (Confidence Interval Moving Average) Difficulty Algorithm - Complete
      CLIF (Critical Level Impediment Failsafe) Difficulty Algorithm - Complete
      New Block Reward Algorithm with Consistency - Complete
    Consensus Update (EPoS Implementation)
      New Block Construction Method (Hybrid PoS/dPoS)
      New Stake Reward Algorithm
    Consensus Update (EPoSe Implementation)
      Hybrid EPoW/EPoS Consensus
    QWCX Wallet - Cross-platform SPV(Simplified Payment Verification) wallet
      Mobile Platform - Android and iOS
      Desktop Platform - Windows, Linux, MacOS
      Web Platform
    DB(LMDB) Implementation
      Minimize memory use and launch multiple mempool layers.
    Smart Contract Implementation
      Time-Locked Transactions
      Multi-Signature Transactions
      On-Chain Trading
Stage 3: Currency Ecosystem Development (2022 – 2024)
    Invitation/Integration of Existing Commerce Applications
      Commercial Chat Service (Wallet + Chat)
      Email Service (Email + Account Alias)
    Commerce Integration Optimization
    Local Fiat Exchange Commerce
      Local Store Exchanges
    Patches and Updates for All Software
Stage 4: Application Development and Deployment (2024 – Continuous)
    Search Engine + Desktop/Web/Mobile Wallet
    Activation of Local Fiat Currency Exchange (Stores)
    Business Applications
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