Exchange Listing and Pricing Strategies

Last Updated 2020-06-16

It is important to inform our members that your registrations on exchange platforms with personal information such as ID and bank/credit card accounts will/can expose your identity and your actions and outcomes from trading activities can be subjected to applicable laws and regulations.

In the early stage, QWC experienced issues with exchanges (Octaex(China), Crepcoin Exchange(Decentralized), Altex Exchange(Decentralized)) arising from various factors such as delays or lack of support, site shut downs and service terminations, which caused damages to QWC members.

From past experience and failure to select proper exchanges for trading, the listing strategies for QWC are the followings:

  • To have as many trading pairs as possible across multiple platforms

  • To be listed on exchanges a verified business entity with a registration with transparency, reputation, volume and history

  • To be listed on market tracker websites for broaden market exposure and bring awareness

Listed Exchanges

  1. Crex24/Estonia – Funded by QWC Team [BTC]

  2. BitexLIVE/Turkey – Funded by QWC Team [USDT]

  3. Fedlio/Singapore or Seychelles – Funded by QWC Team [ETH / BCHABC / DASH] – Warning for withdrawal issues!

  4. Bisq/Decentralized – Promoted by QWC Team [BTC] – Requires Activation Cost.

  5. Bituan/China – Promoted by QWC Chinese Community [USDT]

  6. Citex/Korea – Promoted by QWC Chinese Community [BTC / ETH]

  7. QBTC/China – Promoted by QWC Chinese Community [CNYT]

  8. Tyche/Unknown – Promoted by QWC Team [ETH / USDT / DOGE / TEX]

  9. Altilly/HK – Funded by QWC Team [BTC / ETH / DOGE / XQR]

  10. BKEX/ – Promoted by QWC Chinese Community [BTC / ETH]

  11. Becoin/ – Promoted by QWC Chinese Community [BTC / ETH]

QWC community members should be aware that the listing contract can be nullified if there is not enough trading volume.

Closed Exchanges

  • Octaex/China, Crepcoin/Blockchain Project, Altex/Unknown, BiteBTC/Singapore, Bitsoda/Singapore

Due to excessive listing price of major exchanges, community donations are required to help raise the fund for listing QWC on following exchanges.

  • Binance, HitBTC, Bittrex, Poloniex and other exchanges will be possible candidates or our own exchange.

A brief explanation regarding the initial listing price:

Qwertycoin team firmly believes in the free market theory. That is why the initial listing price was at 0.01 satoshi. Our community strongly insisted on 1 satoshi listing during the poll and debate during the first exchange listing.

After listing, all other coins with similar structure had to join the initial pricing strategy of QWC because they realized 1 satoshi for 184.47 billion coins with a high emission rate is just not realistic without any form or premine or ICO/IEO.

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